Reporte Día Mundial de la Leche 2017 – FAO


Join the celebration World Milk Day

World Milk Day was an incredible success taking place over 42 hours around the world with 587 events in 79 countries reaching 402 million impressions on #WorldMilkDay and a total of 625 million impressions for the month of May on social media. The Day started on June 1, 2017, with dairy farmers raising their glass of milk at sunrise in New Zealand and ended with the sunset in Hawaiï. Milk and all dairy products were celebrated by farmers, staff, families, chefs, nutritionists, doctors, academics, and politicians raising their glasses to the benefits of milk in their lives.

Besides individuals raising a glass, World Milk Day events included open houses at dairy farms, milk donations to schools, contributions to food banks, photo contests, sports competitions, fairs, dance shows, parties, nutrition conferences, tastings, exhibitions, food carts, and milk bars. These wonderful activities were organized by thousands of people, dairy farmers, cooperatives, national dairy associations, schools, and nutrition groups.

The #WorldMilkDay social media feed took over homepage with instant and live updates about all the news as they were being shared on social media with #WorldMilkDay and @worldmilkday.
National campaigns took place in Nigeria with #MilkMatter, in France with #Levonsnotreverredelait, in the US, with #UndeniablyDairy and #JuneDairyMonth, in the EU with #MilkMoments.

Dairy companies ran employee programs, such as “Pass the Glass” by Friesland Campina or the “Grass to Glass” campaign by Fonterra.